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July 21, 2015
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July 29, 2015
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Budgeting For The Summer

Summer time is finally here, its time for chilling outside sunshine and cold drinks, but although summer time is great in many ways it is anything but cheap.  In the hot heat you will be using the A/C much more, water bills go up, taking care of plants if you have a garden, and going through gas much more in your car, all of this leading to your budget increasing tremendously over time.  After enjoying a few activities that the summer brings with your family your wallet will soon be emptied and as time goes on so will your bank account.   Fortunately Day Title Loan has a few tips for you that can still have you enjoying the summer.

Water is actually one of the most expensive things to pay for during the summer, so how can you conserve water? What do you use the water for? How about taking shorter showers, watering plants in the morning instead of the afternoon where it can dry up the plants much faster.  Along the lines of plants how about your yard maintenance, it is so much cheaper to do it yourself, as anything really is if you do it correctly.  Instead of hiring a professional do it yourself or your son/daughter and pay them the money.

More and more these days there are coupons out there than not a ton of people actually use, invest your time into looking up pages like Groupon who can save your family many dollars on groceries and eating out. Coupons go a long way when you save 4 dollars here and 8 dollars there, by the end of the summer you could have saved roughly over a hundred dollars.

If need to save even more money, think about doing a yard sale,  go through all your stuff and think of things that you really do not use, these items could make much more than you anticipated.  And not only is it a family group activity it also ends up cleaning the house and gives your children the opportunity to make their own money, this would get them involved easily.

And of Course Day Title Loan can help out with giving you a loan after things die down with the children and activities and the paying back and paying bills becomes easy.  There is not stress involved when getting a loan when you do it here, we hold up our part if you do yours. If you are in the business and looking for one come on by and we will give you a quote.