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June 3, 2015
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June 6, 2015
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Confidence in Getting a Loan

When thinking about getting a loan many things can draw you way from getting the loan, such as insecurities and uneasiness. This should never be the case when dealing with a company such as Day Title Loan, because we are out there for your success as well as our own.  Our job is to see the participant grow in what they have started or about to start, it could be as simple as making a garden in your back yard.

What makes Day Title Loan different than the other you may ask? Our paper work is upfront and to the point, whatever you sign we make sure you understand the agreement that we have made, we are always there for you when you call with excellent customer service.  The fear of coming here for a loan should be a quick and easy process with no fear involved and with what fear you may have can be resolved with just a few steps.

The main fear with most loan investors is how will they pay back the loan without taking out of their paycheck.  Well as you know we would have set up a due day the payment is required with generally a sufficient amount of time, giving you plenty amount of time to pay us back the favor we have given you.  our suggestion to you after getting a title loan of any sort is investing in a few activities.  Everyone has junk in their basement or attic, sell that stuff at a pawn shop?  How about a few animal sitting jobs from neighbors?  And if you are unafraid of of donating plasma you can donate up to two times a week giving you around 70$ per week, which adds up to 280$ a month.

These are just a few things that make repaying the title loan fast and easy with no disturbance in your conscience what-so-ever.   Because Day Title Loan only does Title the interest rate is what we make our money off, though we make it bearable without any hidden fees, don’t take my word for it, Come stop by Day Title Loan and see for yourself!