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Financial Questions Before Marriage

So you are getting married? Marriage is a wonderful thing and to insure your start to be successful one, establishing financial differences before getting married would be wise.  Certain questions should be asked and answered so both of you are on the same page.  Questions like how much in debt are both of you combined? What is your credit scores? What about children? And who will be paying for what?  All of these will be discussed with a few examples to help out on what the answers could be.

How much debt do you have? It is good to discuss these things with your significant other because more and more people these days are in debt before they are married.  Holding nothing back from your spouse is a good thing not matter what, no matter the amount of debt you have, discuss this with them and a solutions to this problem.  Is getting a loan something that you are responsible with going for, do you need cash fast to get into a business or house payments that you can later pay off with a loan, these are things that need to be discussed with one another

Credit score, this one is a big one because if one if better than the other it could lead to arguments because they feel as if one of them is doing their job good and bringing them down financially.  This is a good start to personal financing as fiancés, the last thing you want it to get a divorce when its something like this when it can be resolved beforehand and not in the heat of the moment.

Even though this may be awhile away, or maybe it is closer than you think, but it is always good to discuss the topic of children.  In the long run children are really expensive and talking about how you want to raise them is very important to the happiness of the couple. Questions like, how many? What type of school? What school? How much can you spend on them at Christmas, easter, thanksgiving, etc. etc.  When and how many should based on how much you can afford because being broke with a family is not a good place to be with many problems back to back.

And finally, who pays what?  How will the payments be handled in your home?  Both of you should be on the same page as to who is responsible for what?  Will you have separate or joint checking accounts.  Some people have certain jobs while the others take care of the remaining jobs.  Some do all of the jobs while the other is at a full time job, it is all up to you on how the house will be run.

the purpose for talking about this before the wedding day is to find out that you and your spouse will be compatible with one another through financial difficulties and when they do come, that both of you are on the same page so that there is no mixed ideas which can lead to fights and not you are looking at more problems than there should be.