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July 22, 2015
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August 7, 2015
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Financial Tips

No matter who we are, what our goals in life consist of, what we want to become one day, wether it be a police officer, a swimmer, or a used car salesman, we all have a plan, sometimes these plans are responsibly made with the deserved amount of time spent on the life that was given to you, or they are half-fast jobs that show a person who you really are.  What person do we want to be? Probably the one that people can rely on, one that is well deserved of a family.  With that being said congratulations for taking the first step in wanting to be a responsible human being with a plan.  Of course this doesn’t just require wanting, as most things in this life you have to work for the things that are harder to achieve.  Being Financially stable is one of those things that can alter a life, but what helps and makes a person financially stable?  Everyone has their own methods and though we can provide ideas, you will go about them as you are lead to.  Having self-control, Setting priorities, And knowing exactly where you money goes are big when talking about being financially stable.

Self-Control.  Credit cards are fun to have, I won’t deny, but this is one of those areas where a lot of people can improve on.  Ever spent too much one month, too much than you can afford? How many times? What happen to your credit score? Just with one item that deals with money, all of these problems plus more can happen.  Mobile banking is one tip that would be wise, knowing how you have spent will hopefully help you when life calls and the temptations come and you can say no to those things, at least until the next month.  It can be the most normal things too; Starbucks coffee, or donuts.  Is there anything that you eat daily? lets just say it is roughly three dollars an item.  twenty-one dollars a week which adds up to a thousand a year!  Simple things can be avoided and should be taken into consideration.

Now that you have self-control, or you have had self-control, and the money is rolling in, it is time to ask yourself where is my money going to go? Set those priorities.  Do you want to put it into a small business? Maybe some land or stocks?  It is all entirely up to you with what you do with your money that you have saved?  Sometimes it is good to just keep it saved.  Set that goal so that you can be focused on completing that task and not spending on side projects.  Think about doing you finances yourself, look at your own credit card bills, and pay them on time.  As time goes on and it becomes more and more fluent you should start to see improvements if you motives stay consistent.