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June 6, 2015
July 8, 2015
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Requirements of Car Titles.

Whenever dealing with a Car Title company you will need a few things to prove that you can fulfill the obligations that are required to pay off at a time the payments are due.  These things help us have confidence in letting you borrow money, and further help you on the path to success.  each one of these items that are stated will be discussed on why we need them for both of our benefits.

The first one of these is your license.  The proof of your license is that we know that you can drive, and that you have a car because the dmv and insurance company would take that from you.  So it is very important that you have your license with you.  The next item you would need is the registration of the vehicle. This proves that we now know you have a vehicle that you are using so we know if anything happens, the car is there for that emergency that it needs to be picked up.  For security reasons we need the insurance card so that we are not dealing with anything illegal.

We ask that you give us at least four references so we can get a back round check on the person that you are and if you are trustworthy with the money that we are giving to you.  And finally proof of residency. Because we can give a lot of money at a time, we would like to know that you live in city area. It is of course security reasons and personally comforting.  We ask that once you come in, you fill out a paper that asks for most of these things.

Once you have filled this out and we are confident in giving you a title loan, we will continue onto the process of creating a stable personal finance relationship.  Including the amount needed, when it is due, interest rates etc. etc.  Day Title Loan on West Poinsett greer can fulfill any needs necessary with great service in any form of Title Loans and personal finance.